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The ESAPS Team

Following in the footsteps of a strong leader is not an easy task. However, the path that EASAPS will be taking has been defined by our past President Ivar van Heijningen, and we worked closely together on a 4 year plan for EASAPS.

We decided to introduce new items for the recognition of European Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, by creating the Co-Society ESAPS www.esaps.eu) -same Board, same adapted by-laws, that will allow us to also support the Individual Plastic Aesthetic Surgeons that could not be reached in other ways. A website and system “REAL Plastic Surgeon! has also been created to identify Board Certified Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons through Europe, and will be available for the general Public www.realplasticsurgeon.eu.

Recognition of the Association has not come easily, but we are very grateful that we now have most of the European Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Societies as members and the opportunity to share and compare opinions on important issues has been fundamental over the last year.

At my side, I am very thankful to still have the amazing energy of Ivar in his role as Past President as well as having a President Elect, Birgit Stark, with whom we planned the future of the Society, and added her 2 years term programme after my Presidency. Birgit has given a lot to this association with her dedication and knowledge and positivity, focusing on the Scientific component of the Society. We now have an ambitious 6 year plan for the Society, and we can’t wait to see what the future will bring.

José Carlos Parreira

EASAPS President

Executive Commitee


Dr. PARREIRA José Carlos

Somewhere - Portugal

President-elect & Scientific Co-Chair

Dr. STARK Birgit

Stockholm - Sweden



Stockholm - Sweden

President-elect & Scientific Co-Chair

Dr. ROUIF Michel

Tours - France



Luzern - Switzerland

Scientific Co-Chair

Dr. Russe-Wilfingseder Katharinas

Innsbruck - Austria



Helsinki - Finland

Executive Secretary

Rogerson Karen



Dr. MANDREKAS Apostolos

ATHENS - Greece

Executive Commitee

Finance, legal and business committee

Chair: Ivar van Heijningen
  • Michel Rouif

  • Kai Kaye

  • Pierluigi Canta

Scientific and Education Committee

Chair: Martin Halle
  • Birgit Stark

  • Nora Nugent

  • Paolo Persichetti

  • Carlos Parreira

  • Andreas Printzlau

  • Berend van der Lei

Patient Safety and Guidelines Committee

Chair: Jesus Benito Ruiz
  • Bianca Knoll

  • Vladimir Marik

  • Timo Pakkanen

By-laws Committee

Chair: Pierfrancesco Cirillo
  • Entire Board

Marketing Committee

Chair: Steffen Handstein
  • Reha Yavuzer

  • Amin Kalaaji

  • Alexander Kamali

Nominating Committee

  • Michel Rouif

  • Birgit Stark

  • Josè Carlos Parreira

Membership Committee

Chair: Katarina Andjelkov
  • Karen Rogerson

  • Michel Rouif

Governance Committee

Chair: Bianca Knoll
  • Ivar van Heijingen

  • Michel Rouif

  • Josè Carlos Parreira

Residents and young fellows Committee

Chair: Iris Brito
  • Nina Schwaiger

  • Karl Waker

Communication Committee

Chair: Kai Kaye
  • Ivar van Heijingen

  • Josè Carlos Parreira

  • Adriano Santorelli


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